Virtual Form Guide provides a facility to download an entire meeting in the form of Zip (compressed) files of 5, 10 or 15 Start Form for a race meeting.There is one Zip file per meeting which includes a number of web pages.

  • One summary page for the meeting
  • One form page for each race with field information and then 5, 10 or 15 starts.
  • Five and 10 start Zip files include only race starts, 15 start Zip files also include trial form.

Zip files are commonly used in three different ways.

  • Downloaded to your computer and then read offline.
  • Downloaded into an application on your computer (such as Bet Selector) and processed to produce selections or ratings.
  • Downloaded and archived to update a form database.

How Do I Access Virtual FormGuide Zip Files?

Access is by subscription. Subscriptions range from $38.50 for 1 month or $369.60 for 12 months for 5 start form up to $69.30 a month to $665.50 a year for 15 start form. Subscribers have access to Virtual FormGuide Zip Files for every race every day. This includes TAB and non-TAB Australian meetings as well as New Zealand and Hong Kong form.

To subscribe you have to be a registered Virtual Form Guide user. Then go to My Subscriptions to pay for your subscription.

Note that to download the zip files for Bet Selector or other programs we will need to set up the software interface for you. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get instructions to do so.

How To Use This Service

1. Create a new directory on your main working disk drive. It can be called anything, but perhaps TVF would be appropriate. Do not create any subdirectories.

2. If you don't already have one, you will need an 'unzip' utility installed on your PC. It is not absolutely necessary (but is very convenient) if you have the unzip utility installed in your browser as the handler for files of type Zip.

3. Before you can gain access to Virtual FormGuide zip files, you must have a current  subscription.

4. Now you are ready to select the ZIP file option on the Form & Ratings menu for the meetings you are interested in.

5. The contents of a Zip file are a number of HTML files which can be viewed in your browser. There is an Index file which acts as a pointer to all the files in the Zip file. There is one HTML file for each race for the meeting. The file naming convention is trkddmmr.htm where trk is a 3 character track code, dd is the day, mm is the month and r is the race number. Note that races 10, 11 and 12 are numbered a, b and c if they exist.

5. To open a disk based HTML file, just use the Open command in the File menu on your browser. Instead of specifiying a URL, just go to the individual form file you want under the TVF directory.

Service Availability

Zip Files are made available at the time final acceptances are processed for each meeting. This is generally in the early afternoon 2 days before each meeting. All races for Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are generally processed on Thursday although early versions are available for Saturday metropolitan meetings on Wednesday.

Note that the zip files are reprocessed the evening before the meeting with a new version available on race morning.

Zip Files are archived in the Historical Form archive. Depending on their subscription type subscribers can access the archive which has Zip files dating back to November 1998.

Click here to download a sample zip file.

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Old Virtual FormGuide Site LoginUsers of the old Cyberhorse Virtual FormGuide site for zip file form should login here. Subscriptions are now processed on this site and Xtra and Consistency Ratings are also here.

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